Learning activities

Daily audio book from David Walliams – a book that most if not all children will love! He is reading parts from his ‘The worlds worst children 3’ book. Highly recommend for the humour factor. https://bit.ly/AudioElevenses

Fine motor skills – 30 day Lego challenge!

Day 1 – You have been hired by an amusement park to create a new roller coaster! Think about height, if theres a drop, loops etc! Don’t forget to take photos and ill blog them!

My maths has been set with lots of work on from today and on Thursday!

Literacy task – Re-tell a story Can you re-write a story to change the ending? You could use the book you are currently reading or a film that you have seen. Make sure you use different sentence starters and lots of adjectives! We have worked a lot on descriptive sentences.

Spelling – Please work on your months of the year. You can practise lots of different ways.

Rainbow writing – using different colours or going over your word again and again in different colours.

Pyramid writing –





Secret spy code – linking the alphabet to a number and writing the word out in numbers.

BSL – using sign language to finger spell a word – this also helps fine motor skills, visual and kinaesthetic learning!

Silly sentences, scramble up the words etc. There are lots of ways to make spelling fun! The Days of the week and the months of the year are our focus at the moment – as we can sometimes spell them alone but not in sentences (this is the same for other spelling words).

Please always put ‘spelling words’ into sentences – they are not being learnt for a test, they are being learnt to use in writing.

Keep me updated with everything you are doing or if you need any support!

Be good and stay safe!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox