Harvest Festival

This afternoon, all the pupils ,sensibly and responsibly, walked to the church for our annual Harvest Festival. Well done to you all, especially Class 1. This was their first walk up to the church. Thank you to the responsible Year 5s and 6s that helped Class 1.

The pupils had been working very hard on our two Harvest songs; Conkers and One more Step Along the World I Go. They all sang so beautifully, with big smiles and lots of enthusiasm.

Each class had their own time to shine with a prayer from Class 4, a poem from Class 3, a song/poem from Class 2 and a song from Class 1. The children were very excited, brave and creative with their readings at the Church. Well done everybody, you made all the teachers and staff at D’Arcy very proud.

Here are some pictures of each Class to celebrate their amazing performances this afternoon.

Class 1’s Autumn Leaves Song

Class 2’s Harvest Song/Poem

Class 3’s Autumn Leaves Poem

Class 4’s Harvest Prayer