WHAT A WEEK! We began our week of House Games with ‘The Bake Off’ and another fabulous event from the PTFA who helped raise nearly £100 through the cake sales. The entries were fabulous. The team very much enjoyed the judging process – delicious! Next, we had the judging of the art competition. The entries were extremely creative. There were lots of different mediums entered such as: models, painting, flower arranging and oil pastels. The Spelling Bee took place on Wednesday with some tricky words! KS1 were challenged with words such as ‘little’ and ‘Miss Barber’ (extra points scored for capital letters for the proper nouns). KS2 had to spell ‘three-dimensional’ (with extra points for punctuation). Tolleshunt Darcy Has Got Talent – that’s for sure! The children demonstrated a range of talents during the talent competition. There were: dancers, singers, comedians, musicians, actors/actresses, gymnasts and so many more! The final event was THE BIG QUIZ! There were five categories testing a range of knowledge: history, sport, TV/film, general knowledge and ‘how well do you know your teacher?’

The results are as follows…4th Place – SALTER, 3rd Place – BLACKWATER, 2nd ALLINGHAM and the winners were DARCY! Well done everybody for particapting!

If you wish to see the individual winners, please feel free to look at the Result PowerPoint attached. Thank you!