Creative week – Day 1 8th Feb

Hello, I hope you are enjoying the snow, there is so much where I live. Hope there is a lot where you live. This week we will be focusing on well being and creativity.

I would like you to try meditation, this will help you clear your thoughts before you start your learning. We will practise meditation daily.

The most important thing in well being is recognising your emotions, how you feel at a particular moment.

Listen to this story.

What I would like you to do, is think of a time when you felt the emotions in the book. Think about why you felt that way.

I would like you to keep an emotions diary for the week. Reception, can you draw pictures to represent your emotions. Year one and Reception challenge, can you write how you feel and also why. Can you do three entries a day.

As a craft activity, I would like you to make a calm jar. Here are some instructions but if you do not have a jar you can use a plastic bottle, substitute glitter for loom bands or anything that move in the water. Once it is made, shake it and watch the glitter etc settle. How does it make you feel?

Have a calm and relaxing day.

Mrs Whybrow