Explorers activities 8th January.

Good Morning, well done for getting through the first week of term, I know it is strange but we can do this!

This morning, I thought we could do some Yoga to ease us into our activities.

Hopefully yesterday, you discovered information about Oceans and Continents. I have found this cool activity wherein you have to make a jigsaw of the world. Again, this is more aimed at Y1 but Reception you could give the jigsaw a go.

It would be fantastic if you could download and print this activity.

Reception and Y1, using the information you have researched, can you say which parts of the world has a hot climate, a cold climate or a temperate climate (that means it can be both hot and cold, wet and dry). What do you think the United Kingdom, where we live, is?

Y1 I really want you focus on using the vocabulary of Climate, Equator, Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. Imagine the Earth cut into two parts right through the middle (the Equator), it has two Hemisphere’s, find out which is North and which is South. You can then think of placement of Oceans and Continents within this.

As usual, please do send photos of your work via office@darcyschool.co.uk as I am really keen to see your work.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.

Mrs Whybrow