6th Jan Our Wonderful World!

Hello again, I hope you have had an enjoyable day and managed to fit in the learning posted yesterday. As always, Miss Ripton and I are eager to see your home learning so please send pictures to office@darcyschool.co.uk. I can then include some of these on the blog to share with the class.

Our topic this half term is ‘Our wonderful world’. Within this we will be journeying around the globe, exploring some of the most amazing places and habitats on the Earth. This week we will start with the Amazonian Rainforests.

Your first task is to research the Amazon (this can include facts about the river too). What can be found there? What is the climate like? What country and continent will you find it? Surprise me with your facts. We will use your findings in future learning.

The National Geographic kids website is a good starting point.


I would also like you think about what is happening to rainforests around the world at the moment. Are they safe or are they being destroyed? If so, why? What do you think happens to the animals that live in the rainforest? How do you feel about the animals? Talk to your grown up about this.

Keep on with the tasks I set yesterday, I wonder how many of you have been baking? Remember to send me photos of your triumphs.

Check in again tomorrow.

Mrs Whybrow