Tuesday’s activities

Hello all, here are the activities I would like you to complete for Tuesday.

Last week, you designed a dress for the Queen to attend a State Banquet. I would now like you to create a menu for the guests. I would like you to create a starter, main course and dessert. If you are feeling fancy, you can add some nibbles (appetisers).

For maths, imagine you have invited 10 guests. If each guest needs a knife and fork, how many pieces of cutlery will you need? Can you put this into an array? Remember an array helps you multiply using columns and rows.

If you need two bottles of apple juice, two bottles of Orange juice, two bottles of Elderflower Cordial and 2 bottles of fizzy water, how many drinks do you need altogether?

If you would like a challenge, think of your own word problem about the menu and email it to me. I will solve your problems and blog the answers so you can mark my work!

Have fun as always.

Mrs Whybrow