Monday Funday

Hello, I hope you all had a fun weekend enjoying the sunshine.

We will begin our week with some yoga to awaken our brain and body ready for learning.

Today, I would like you to try paper weaving. It is a fun and easy art activity that can be turned into many creations.

Once you have finished your weave you could use it as a place mat for a picnic. Perhaps you could make one for each member of your family. Don’t worry if you do not have coloured paper, be imaginative and use comics or magazines, or just colour in strips of paper.

Year One, can you make an instruction leaflet explaining how to make a paper weave. Use the terminology of weaving:

Loom: The frame used for weaving the piece.
Warp: The pieces that run from top to bottom (up and down).
Weft: The pieces than run across the warp (side to side…think weft and right…smile)
Web: The single or whole piece created by weaving.

Over and under technique.

Have fun, I look forward to seeing your creations.

Mrs Whybrow