Friday fun

Hello! Hope you all had a good day yesterday.

Today, I would like you to try this fun phonics game which revises all phase 2 sounds. If you can encourage your child to sound out and blend in order to make the dragons happy. If I could remind you of the importance of reading everyday in order for your child to retain their phonics knowledge ready for school. It does not have to be formally sitting down and reading a book (although a bedtime story is great) but you can get them to spot sounds around the house on cereal packets, drinks etc. This will really make a great impact on your child’s reading and writing.

I would also like your children to practise writing their tricky words. In order to make this more fun, try using flour, shaving foam, playdough (great for fine motor skills as they manipulate into a letter) or anything they can etch a grapheme into.

If your child wishes to write, sit with them and ask them to write me an email telling me what they have been doing. Help them recognise the uppercase letters on the keyboard whilst they sound out words. Don’t forget, email it to me at

Have a great day.

Mrs Whybrow