A smuggler’s life for me!

Hello all, this is your learning for Wednesday 1st July.

Following on with our smuggler’s theme, today I would like you to think about what life would be for a smuggler. Now remember, Smugglers were not Pirates. Pirates took to the seas and raided ships whereas Smugglers took goods and smuggled them into the country so they didn’t have to pay money to the Government.

Do you think Smugglers had other jobs as well as smuggling barrels of goods? What do you think they wore? What kind of boats did they use to get the barrels of goods into their caves? Where in the UK would you live?

I would like you to pretend you are a smuggler and think of a story that is based on a day in the life of a smuggler. It could be a diary if you are writing, it could be a play or you could talk with your grown ups.

I would like you to practise your phonics on Bitesize as discussed yesterday. Keep it up!

Check the blog again soon for a new addition to the classroom that I need your help with. Details to follow in the morning!

Mrs Whybrow