Hello Monday!

Good Morning everyone, hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather we have had over the weekend.

Today, we will start our learning by refreshing our memories about the months of the year with one of our favourite songs from class.

Let’s have a go at our calendar!

What month are we in now? Can you write the day, date and month? What season are we in? What is the weather like? It would be lovely if you could recreate our class calendar for today.

Our story focus for this week is The Little Red Hen.

I would like you to think about the actions of the animals and how it would have made the hen feel. How could they have behaved differently? How do you think the hen felt at the end of the story? Were the animals more considerate?

Your task after the above is to change the story to reflect your thoughts. Either draw it or write an alternative.

We will be focusing on this youtube version all week, tomorrow we are going to be thinking about the sound effects used.

Have a lovely day today.

Mrs Whybrow