You will love these nature tasks!

Hi Class one, happy Monday to you all…yes it’s Monday grown ups although it does feel like it could be any day.

I have found some really interesting nature tasks to start you off on your learning adventure. Over the duration of this week, can you collect some flowers on your walks and keep your veggie scraps as we are going to create a flower sensory bottle and paint using veggies.

Simply pop some pretty flowers in a bottle, fill with water and shake. The flowers will dance around before they settle. Year One, I would like you to write a poem about what you see.

For example, ‘Flowers dancing all around, pretty things I have found. Swirling swirling, twisting turning, all the colours quickly swirling. Shake the bottle, it makes no sound, flowers spinning round and round.’

Your task for the painting is to take a photo whilst on a walk of a beautiful plant or tree. Get your grown up to help if need be ( grown ups can your child take picture on a phone or tablet please). Then use this as inspiration to paint using the veggie paint, or normal paint if you can’t use veggies.

I would love for you to email any finished projects to so we can share them on the blog.

Please keep up with watching phonics, reception can you keep on counting and finding numbers when out and about. Year one, i’d like you to focus on your number bonds today to 20.

See you tomorrow for more learning.

Mrs Whybrow