Thursday learning.

Morning class one, I thought you could begin your day with one of our favourite shake breaks.

Maths today we will be focusing on weight. Maybe you could bake a cake, reading the recipe to get the correct measure of ingredients. Do you think 250g of sugar will look the same in a bowl as 500g of flour? What about ingredients that have equal weight such as butter and sugar? Would we measure milk the same way? What unit of measurement would we use?

Look at tins and packs of food in your store cupboard. Can you find the weight on the label? Are there different units of measurement? Would two items in one hand, and one in the other, feel the same weight in your hands? Check their labels after you have had a guess.

After, think of the delicious cake you have to eat!

In English, I would like you to help your grown up write their weekly shopping list. That way you can stop them buying too much chocolate for themselves!!

Have a fun day, remember on your walk you can look at height of trees, bushes or even houses. Are they the same, different or equal? Can you find a tree that is taller than a house?

Looking forward to seeing your learning.

Mrs Whybrow