Learning activities

The Easter holidays are upon us so I thought I would put up a few objectives to focus on during this time. I will be blogging over the holidays with some activities but this will not be daily. My maths has scheduled learning and like always, I will be keeping a close eye on this. Please still send in any photos of learning to the office and this will be updated during the week too.

Year 1:

  • Independently write simple sentences that make sense.
  • Using: and, but, so, because in writing.
  • Accurate use of question and exclamation marks in writing. (Exclamation marks are used for onomatopoeia and for shouting or to emphasize strong feelings.
  • Use onomatopoeia in writing (BANG!, CRASH! MOO!)
  • Concentrate on Phonics tricky words and first 100 high frequency words (try to so some daily – they should be starting to become confident with the 100 frequency words)
  • Handwriting: letters are consistent size, written on the line with correct use of ascenders and descenders.

Year 2:

  • for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so (FANBOYS)
  • using when, however, because
  • variation in sentence openers
  • grouping ideas (using headings)
  • expanded noun phrases. For example: The tree (simple noun phrase). The great, tall oak tree at the bottom on the garden (expanded noun phrase).
  • Use of Onomatopoeia, similes and alliteration. (BANG!, as big as an elephant, the terrible tiger tore the towel…)
  • Commas used in a list (list of items or in a list of adjectives – the tall, brown oak tree…).
  • Try to add speech writing (see if the use of speech marks are correct. For example: “MUM! Have you seen my shoes?”, screamed Ellie. This is a great way to get in your punctuation too.
  • Concentrate on Phonics tricky words and first 100 high frequency words (try to so some daily – they should be starting to become confident with the 100 frequency words)
  • There will be additional year 2/3 spelling word patterns up on the blog too.


  • Using fronted adverbials to start sentences (Angrily, Mr Fox walked to his red car).
  • Use of subheadings
  • Begin to use paragraphs
  • Use of an ellipses …

Activities you may want to focus on (All of Class 2):

  • Letter writing – write a letter to your friend and tell them what you have been up to.
  • Write acrostic poem Write an acrostic poem about spring time. Can you make it rhyme? Use the word bank and any other words you can think of to help. Word bank: spring, flowers, lambs, rabbits, bloom, daffodil (just as a suggestion).
  • Exercise routine –Can you write you own exercise routine that will last for more than 5 minutes? You can do star jumps, squats, sit ups and many more things. Write it up so that a friend can have a go. I know lots of you have been doing Joe Wicks every morning, use him for inspiration!
  • Wanted poster -Create a WANTED Poster for a Fairy Tale Villain. What reward will you be offering for their capture? Describe what the villain looks like using lots of adjectives.
  • Newspaper article/blog  – using some exciting news that’s going on in your house at the moment or you can make up an event (or may want to use some exciting events that have previously happened – great link to History).
  • Flower/plants – draw a flower/plant and label its structure. What is each part for? What is it’s job? You will need to do some research for this.
  • Write a review – write a review on something, material, a toy, an electronic, food (Sorry to all the adults…) etc. Explain what made it good/great/fantastic and say what could have been better. You can even give it some recommendations (Even Better If -EBI) for next time.

This is a lot of learning and I am not expecting all of this to be completed over the holidays, but I wanted to over prepare you. These activities cover a wide range of subject areas and you can link literacy to all of them (great stuff!). If you can link maths to any, I will be over the moon! Think money, timings, measurements etc)

 Please take risks with your learning and if you want to try something from Year 2 or the challenge area – go for it!

Have a lovely holiday everyone and I will be checking in on the blog and my maths – keep an eye out for me!

Miss Jenkins