Party time

This morning, Class One enjoyed their Christmas party. We played pass the parcel, musical statues and musical chairs. The food was very yummy, Mrs Whybrow and Mrs Handford were extremely proud of the children and their manners. The team in Class One wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Have a restful holiday… Read more »

Christmas Lunch!

On Friday we had a whole school Christmas lunch, the food was so amazing! We had turkey, lots of veg and crispy potatoes. We also had Yorkshire puddings and crackers! Everyone, student and staff, had such a fantastic time with many giggles. Thank you to all the members of staff that helped out with the… Read more »

4 + 1 = a whole lot of fun

On Friday, class 1 and class 4 joined together in an epic reading session. We all had so much fun getting to read with the bigger children.

Sewing Update

Just a quick update on our snowmen jumpers. We have really started to get the hang of threading needles and running strictness, some of us have even been doing cross stitches too.

Christmas singing

This afternoon class 3 and 4 came to class 1 to sing some songs with the teachers.​ ​​ ​​ ​

Christmas Graphs

This morning we looked at graphs. We started in the hall making graphs using our bodies. Then we drew our own graphs of our favourite Christmas films. The Grinch was our favourite.

Party food list

Hi all, This is the party food list that we are looking to get for our class party on Wednesday the 19th of December. If you can make any donations towards the party, the list will be on the back of the door that the children come through in the morning. Many thanks!


Class 1 and class 2 have been working incredibly hard on their performance of the Nativity, and anyone who saw it can tell you how amazing it was. All the children looked absolutely fabulous in their costumes. Thank you to Mrs Whybrow, Mr Salmon, Mrs Handford and Miss Barber for all their hard work for… Read more »

Gymnastic Sequences

We have been doing lots of work on our rolls and balances in gym. We have also been working on joining our rolls and balances into sequences. Here are a couple of videos of what we have come up with so far.

Stop! Grammartime.

This morning we have been working on our grammar using an extract from a narrative. We are really starting to develop our awareness of grammatical terms such as adverbs, adjectives, inverted commas, apostrophes and more.