Plant Study

Today we studied the seeds we had planted. We thought the seeds we placed in the dark wouldn’t have grown at all, but actually they had! We found out that seeds need the right conditions to grow, and that they only need the sunlight when they poke through the soil. Using magnifying glasses we made… Read more »


After making them last week from clay, we set about painting our flags. We  were very pleased with the results. 

Forensic Science Day

Today Dan came to teach us about Forensic Science and how it helps to solve crimes. After discussing DNA and our individual make-up, we used clues to solve a crime! Thank you Mrs Clarke for organising the exciting and educational workshop!

Art Club

This week some budding young artists attended Art Club in school.  children really enjoyed their first session  and produced some lovely pieces.  The club is currently full but we can run another course in the Autumn term if there is enough interest.


We have been learning a new sport, tennis. Today we continued to focus on control the ball, before building up to short rallies with a partner.

Cave Painting Recounts

Yesterday we create our own Stone Age art using charcoal from a fire. Today we wrote about how we might feel if we had seen here pictures in a real cave. To help use we created our own caves and recorded how we actually felt. We used these ideas in our recounts. We focused on… Read more »

Mymaths for the Ipad

Having spoken to a few people who have had trouble logging in to MyMaths I have made a video below which shows how it can be accessed on apple devices. The main issues seem to be the ‘Flash Player’ not working – something that Apple don’t and won’t support. MyMaths are currently in the process… Read more »

Class 1 going BAAnanas

Yesterday Mrs Handford brought in a very special and exciting guest…….. A 10 day old lamb called Fred. The children were thrilled to meet Fred and Fred loved meeting them. The children were really enthusiastic and were asking Mrs Handford lots of questions about Fred whilst Fred was kind enough to let the children (and… Read more »

Bicycle BANAZA!

Last Wednesday Mr Fox took all of the children (a group at a time) on our large rideables including tricycles, and scooters.  the children really enjoyed getting some vitamin D outside and doing races!

Maths Homework and Mymaths

I have had a few messages regarding not being able to log into MyMaths to complete the Easter maths homework. Because of this the children will either have an activity on paper, which they were given on Friday, or have been set some homework using SamLearning. I am in contact with mymaths about our problems… Read more »