Our Olympian

Today we met Ezekiel ‘Zeek’ Ewulo, our Sports Champion. Zeek is a long jumper. He taught us all about training and how he achieved his medals. We got to experience some of his training ourselves. Then we went out to try different Olympic sports ourselves. We definitely have some budding long jumpers ourselves.

Sports champion

Today we had a visit from Ezekiel Ewulo who is a long jump champion. We had fun exercising and racing with him at lunchtime. At the end of the day, we enjoyed learning about his training and even watched a video of one of his amazing jumps!Thank you for supporting our sponsored sports event.


As part of our new topic, we planted some pumpkin and pea seeds. We placed them in different places around the school, and will study their progress over the next few weeks.

Little red hen story telling

Today Miss Mansell told us all the story of the little red hen. He all enjoyed participating in the actions and becoming the characters such as: the bull, the cat and the mouse.