Holiday learning activities

Hello all,

I know it’s the holidays and you are all needing a break (teachers included) but I thought I’d post some activity ideas in case you wanted to do a little top up learning throughout the holidays.

Karate cats: This is a game online which focuses on year 1 & 2 (ks1) outcomes. Basic sentence structures, capital letters, spellings etc. This being said, it does get harder through the levels and it would be amazing for the children to keep their knowledge on those basic skills which might get lost during such a long break!

Theres also a maths one…

Spelling: practise their spelling with some paint brushes & water out in the garden on the patio (minimal mess) or get out the shaving foam…

Writing: keep a diary of the holidays or a scrap book. If they enjoy writing stories, take it in turns to write one sentence each and create a shared story. Or get them to write for purpose, for example send a post card if you are on holidays, write an email to a friend back home (or away).

Also, why don’t you check out a mum I follow on Facebook/insta called ‘Five minute mum’.

Lots of fun ideas and activities for learning and I have used some of these in class too!

Otherwise, enjoy the holidays and we will see you all very soon!

Stay safe 🙂

Miss Jenkins