The monkey with the bright, blue bottom! 05.02

English: Walt: Give a simple viewpoint. Try to use the following; I think… / I believe… / In my opinion… or create an argument I thought this but research/google/my book has said this…

Statement/Question 1:

Tiger’s can swim

Statement/Question 2:

Crocodiles are fast movers.

Statement/Question 3:

Are snakes good climbers?

Statement/Question 4:

Hippo’s can be fast

Statement/Question 5:

What do sloths feel like?

Fine motor skills: Can they use different pincer grip objects such as pegs, tweezers, chop sticks, salad mixers etc. They can pick up objects such as paperclips, pencils, pens, pom poms etc (anything that you have). This activity will allow them use their pincer grip as well as problem solving in choosing which gripper to get the objects with and why. Can they group some of the objects into bowls by colour? shape? size? for added learning with Maths?

Life skill: Can you learn how to thread a needle? Or take it one step further, can you learn how to sew a hole? or sew on a button? Also, are you able to do your own buttons and/or zips up yourself? Get some practise in first by dressing up a teddy or maybe a family member (to get the movements right) and then practise on yourself!

Next week is all about our well-being and we will be using the Pixar film, Inside Out to help us.

Have a great day of learning!

Mrs Archer, Mr Fox and Miss Bixby.