Wednesday 27th Jan

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a productive week.

As promised, here is another clip of Steve Backshall in Africa.

What did you think of the Gorillas? Do you think you would be brave like Steve?

Yesterday, you saw Steve in a kayak. I have a Science experiment for you about floating or sinking. Around your house can you find:

paper, a coin, a spoon, a plastic bottle or tub, a piece of fruit and a pencil.

I would like you predict whether you think these items will sink or float and record them onto a simple table. Then test each item and see if your predictions were correct. Why do you think certain materials sink or float?

After this, I would like you to design a boat for an explorer to travel down the river. You could design it first and then make it. Test your model and then evaluate if it was a successful floatation device.

For phonics today, I would like you to do the following task:

Reception, this may be a challenge for you but I would like you to have a go.

Year 1, can you complete this maths activity, again Reception if you feel like a challenge please do have a try.

Mrs Whybrow