Thursday’s learning.

We have done lots on Romans this week! We have been having lovely learning coming in and you have made lots of effort.

We have learnt about the Roman soldiers and what they wore and why they fought. Now, lets look into other Roman lives (we’ll look into houses, school and the people tomorrow).

Did you know… The Romans were very famous for the pottery and the use of mosaics? Well, you do now!

Using the link below, can you find out about all the different types of pots and pottery they used to do.

Can you make your very own Roman pot? Using clay, paper mache, playdoh etc. Or can you use the vase worksheet and create your own mosaic vase by using different colours to make a design.

Use the video to give you some inspiration…

Lastly, linking back to our Roman numerals. See if you can complete this Roman numeral mosaic. What will the picture reveal?

I hope you all have a lovely day of learning and remember to stay safe in the hot sun!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.