Wednesday activities

Good Morning Class One.

We will start with a shake break this morning! It is one of our favourite counting songs.

This week, we are thinking about plants and crops. Watch this video and learn how we can classify (put into groups) plants.

Plants fall into four categories: Flowering plants (with seeds or without seeds) conifers, ferns and mosses. Can you research the key characteristics of the different categories. Can you name some in each? Can you find adjectives to describe them? For example, needles are sharp and prickly.

Last week was National Deaf Awareness week. Class 2 have been learning how to sign. Look at the below chart for fingerspelling and learn your name. If you are left handed, there is a chart on to help.

If you see any of class 2 whilst on your daily walk, sign to them. Below are the BSL greetings!

Have fun, look at MyMaths as I shall be updating it and I am aware that some have not accessed the learning yet and lots of tasks are outstanding.

Mrs Whybrow