Tuesdays learning.

Today, our learning will be based around the Percy the Park keeper story you watched yesterday. Watch it again if you have forgotten.

Now, those cheeky rabbits were being very mischievous indeed weren’t they. I would like you to think about what they should have done if they wanted Percy’s picnic. Were they being sensible?

Next, I would like you to imagine you are a park keeper. Can you design me your ideal park please. You can either design this on paper or you can go big and use some of your garden to build a mini park! Will you build swings, areas for the animals? I would like you to research some trees you would plant in your park too. Will you choose Birch, Oak, Sycamore? What shrubs or plants could you plant for the wildlife?

Don’t forget to include your park keeper house! I would fill mine with a cosy chair and a kettle for a lovely cup of tea. What will you do?

Maths today (in addition to my maths) I have found some fun games to try out.



Phonics game


Have a great day and I hope to see some of your smiley faces later on Zoom.

Mrs Whybrow