Tuesday’s learning.

Great day of learning everyone! Lots of lovely photos have come in, so keep them coming.

My maths – I am still waiting for a few to log on. I have added more my maths learning and many of you are going to find a lot of overdue or be overwhelmed with how many are actually on there now. I will be calling people Wednesday if this does not improve.

BSL activity: Learn a greeting! Whether thats a good morning/afternoon or a simple goodbye. The use of BSL communication can help with gesturing and fine motor skills but it can make someone feel that little more accepted in the community too!

Literacy: Year 1 –Thinking of the story of the ‘Enormous turnip’, see if you can sequence the story. There are free downloads of the story available online (see link) or you can make your own story cards by drawing events in the story. Have someone mix them up for you and see if you can put them back in order. This is an amazing skill to learn as it helps memory, understanding the order of a story and allows the story to be said allowed by the children in their own words (prepares them for eventually rewriting stories/writing their own).


Year 2: Again, thinking of our story this week, create an alternative ending for the ‘Enormous turnip’ Think about how you could change it, could you add a new character? Could you think of a more creative way to get the turnip out? What else could you make with it? The possibilities are endless! Think about adjectives and sentence starters! You do not want to keep using ‘Then, Then, Then’, during your story (it will be a little boring…) Try and think of some catchy ways to start your sentences to engage the reader!

Art: Create your own art by printing using different vegetables/fruits. What you create is up to you! Take a look at these below printed by using veggies…

Have a great day of learning and I can’t wait to see everyones new learning!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.