Story Time with Mr. Este!

Today, I have recorded the first chapter of a book for you to listen to. It is called ‘The Snow-Walker’s Son’ by Catherine Fisher. It is a fantasy style book based somewhat on Scandinavian ideas. You’ll hear a few difficult words in there, the most common of which is ‘jarl’. A jarl was the name given to someone who was chief. The chapter is quite complex but the story is interesting and the language is good.

I am truly sorry but I had to have a play with the video editor while I was recording! And there might be a few mistakes here and there in my reading – it was a long chapter and I didn’t have time to re-record a lot of it.

I wonder if any of you would be able to record your own reading for us to see? Perhaps we could put some on the blog with our photos.

Enjoy! (And sorry for being silly!)