Challenge – A Message for your Friends

Hi Everyone!

I thought today I might set you a bit of a challenge. I’ve been looking at different things for you to try and do online and came across this website:
It’s very straightforward to use and allows you to create animations in different styles with messages. I’ve put an example of my own on the blog to show you.

  • You will then need to click ‘Create Now’ and you’ll be taken to the creation screen. Click ‘Add Scene’
  • Choose the type of animation you want on the left, then click the actual animation you want to use on the right.
  • When you’ve clicked on the animation you’ve chosen, click ‘Insert’ (which will appear at the bottom).
  • You will then be taken to the next screen where you can decide what you want to type and say. You can also change the position of things and how long animations last. When you’re ready, click the + at the bottom to add your next scene.
  • When you’ve said all you want to say, you can click style to change things like the animation style and font. Clicking colour will change the colours used and music will do the same for music.
  • When you’ve finished all that, click preview.
  • This is where you’ll need parents as you’ll need to sign up to be able to see and download your video. It is free and just requires an e-mail address (the high quality version is the one you are asked to pay for).
  • After a little while, you’ll be able to see your animation. Clicking the cloud at the side of the animation will allow you to download it.
  • It will then download as an MP4 which you can then e-mail in for us to see!

Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Have fun!

Take care and stay safe,

Mr. Este