Half Term Homework

I hope you are enjoying your break, Class 2. When you get back to school our topic will be The Fantastical. Below is are some activities you can do to get ready for it.


We will be using lots of new words to describe characters and settings in our fantasy world and will be checking their meaning. When you are reading your school book, you could check the meaning of unfamiliar words. Ask someone in your family or look it up in a dictionary, then try and use it in a sentence to help you remember it.

We will be reading some traditional tales alongside our topic story. You might want to check these out before you come back. This page has lots of versions of the stories that you can listen to.

  • George and the Dragon
  • Rapunzel
  • The Princess and the Pea
  • The Golden Fish

When you read the stories, is there anything similar about them? What sort of characters do they share? Does the same sort of thing happen in each one?


Fantasy stories usually have a hero. Write a list of reasons that you could be a hero. What skills do you have? Are you good with dragons. What is your character like? Are you wise like the Golden Fish or get easily uncomfortable like the Princess and the Pea.

Knights and Princesses had shields and symbols to represent their family, this was called a Coat of Arms. Design a coat of arms for your family. You could draw it or even make it from pictures you find in magazines or newspapers.

Think about what things describe you or your family. It could be were you live, what things you like to do or the jobs your family does.


We will be revisiting number lines when we return. This will be for adding and subtracting. To use number lines well you need to be confident counting on and back (something our class finds harder). This is something you can be practising at home. How quickly can you say the numbers, can you say the next number or the number before for any number to 100? Can you work out 10 more or 10 less for any number.

For year 2, I have set some mymaths homework to practise our last maths topic, fractions.

Mr Salmon