Learning Councils

At the start of the new school year, each class will elect their new Learning Council representatives.  Each council has a responsibility to model learning behaviours and work with the school leaders to enhance the life of the school.  Our thanks go to last year’s Learning Council; you did a splendid job!


The four prefects are elected from the Year 6 pupils to represent each of our four House Teams.  Some of their duties include totalling the team points each week, giving out house points to reinforce our school rules and showing visitors around the school.

School Council

The School Council members are elected from each class to represent pupil voice within the school.  Some of their duties include giving out house points to reinforce our school rules, supporting school leaders with monitoring and sharing ideas for school improvement.

Holy Council

The Holy Council is made up of pupils from each class.  Their duties include leading prayers and blessings during Collective Worship, planning Church Services each month, writing prayers for the newsletter and supporting teachers with Class Worship each week.

Rota Kids

The Rota Kids are pupils elected to work with the Rotary Club to raise money for local and international charities.