Religious Education

Developing beliefs and aspirations within a strong community.

Jesus said “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” 

Matthew 19:14

Believe, Belong, Achieve

How does Religious Education inspire pupils and develop their aspirations? How does Religious Education inform their individual beliefs and ideas? How does Religious Education pupils to understand themselves as individuals and as part of a community? How does Religious Education enrich the pupil’s ability to learn, understand and apply their knowledge?

Intent, Implementation and Impact

At Tolleshunt D’Arcy Primary Academy, we see Religious Education as a central part of the children’s entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum in a Church School setting. Religious Education provides the children with the opportunities to set prior learning in a wider and deeper context. Achievements and individuality is celebrated and encouraged to develop their beliefs and sense of belonging. 

The Religious Education provision is based on the National Curriculum expectations and the Essex Agreed Syllabus. It engages, inspires and challenges pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to gain a deeper understanding of the World and the people around them. As pupils progress, they think critically and develop a more rigorous understanding of importance of Religious Education in daily life. Religious Education is assessed through verbal discussion sessions and constructive feedback together with assessed written tasks. There are further opportunities to improve their understanding in areas of particular interest to pupils.

Theology, Philosophy & Social ScienceAutumn 1Autumn 2Advent and ChristmasSpring 1Spring 2EasterSummer 1Summer 2
 Collective worship and celebration focus: Prayer, Harvest and ChristmasCollective worship and celebration focus: Easter and Holy week.Collective worship and celebration focus: Bible study, Worship, Holy Trinity and Pentecost
Recognise religious beliefs.What does God mean? ChristianityWhat matters or is of value to you.What is right/wrong or good? ChristianityDiwaliName some religious symbols or artefacts.What do these symbols or artefacts mean?ChristianityRecreate religious and belief stories with play and art.What is the religious story about?Christianity/IslamRaise questions about belief stories.What puzzles you?ChristianityIdentify features of religious life and practice in a family context.How do people celebrate?Christianity/Islam
Year 1/2 AWhat do Christians believe that God is like? ChristianityWhy do different people have different ideas about God? IslamWhere is the religion around us? Christianity/BuddhismWhy is light and important symbol for many religious believers? Christianity/IslamHow do people decide what is right and wrong? PhilosophyHow do festivals / celebrations bring us together? Christianity 
Year 1/2 BWhat might we learn from parables? ChristianityWhat questions do religious stories make us ask?  ChristianityWhy are symbols and artefacts important to some people? Christianity/BuddhismHow do Muslims talk about God? IslamHow do people make moral decisions? IslamWhat happens in the daily life of a Muslim? Islam
Year 3/4 AWhat do Christians believe about God?Compare to Judaism. ChristianityCan kindness / love change the world? MultifaithWhat can we learn from seeing different ways of expressing the same celebration? ChristianityWhat is the Trinity? ChristianityWhat kind of world should we live in? MultifaithWhat difference to daily life does being a Hindu make? Hindiuism
Year 3/4  B What do Christians learn from the creation story?Our modern understanding of creation. ChristianityWhat sort of world should we be living in? BuddhismHow have/do religious groups contribute to society and culture in your area? ChristianityHow have events in history shaped beliefs? JudaismWhat is the difference between and knowing?Philosophers and theologs.MultifaithHow do people express commitment to a religion or world view Christianity/Judaism
Year 5/6 AHow do Christians explain suffering in the world? ChristianityIs it possible for something to always be right (or wrong)? HumanismHow has belief in Christianity impacted art and music through history? ChristianityWas Jesus the Messiah? ChristianityIs believing in God reasonable?Humanistic alternatives. HumanismHow have expressions of Judaism changed over time? Judaism
Year 5/6 BCreation and science: conflicting or complementary? HumanismWhat is a “good life”? Christianity/SikhismDoes religion bring peace, conflict or both? MultifaithOne narrative, many beliefs: why do people interpret things differently? ChristianityWhat can we learn from the great philosophers? HumanismWhat makes a religion a religion? Multifaith
Christian ValuesResponsibilityFriendlyPerseveringTruthfulCourageousCreative