Tuesday’s starters

Good morning on another sunny day!

Get your brains going with these, how many can you do in your head?

36, 75% of this, -16, x by itself, triple it, + 58 =

108, divide by 12, x by itself, triple it, -131, 3/8 of this =

11, x 13, x 3, -173, halve it, 11/16 of this =

14, x 7.5, x 3.2, -183, 8/9 of this, triple it =

The letters missing from the alphabet list here spell two words that I don’t think that we shall see today, what are they?

Z  B  Y  E  X  F  W  G  V  H  T  J  S  K  Q  M  P

Have fun and keep safe.

Mr Hopegood