Data and graph building

The children have been busy collecting data and building graphs using multi link. We have been working out appropriate scales for our graphs.

Nibbles the Hamster

Recently in class one, we had a really good exciting guest in our class: Nibbles the Hamster. She was really lovely and interesting and we really loved her being with us. Thank you for visiting! 

Guided reading

Today in class one, we had lots of group reading activities called Guided Reading. The children really loved doing this! 

Hamster visit

Last week we enjoyed a visit from Jojo the tortoise. Tomorrow we are excited to have Beau’s pet hamster visit us in school. We are learning lots about caring for animals as well as how animals keep healthy.

A little reminder…

Please can you ensure that your child has water and a rain coat in school every day! We are running out of spare items.  Thank you Class one team 

Smarties maths

Today we had a fun maths lesson using smarties where we had to count how many were in a packet after estimating, and we had to find the mean, median, mode and range of these numbers. It included almost all aspects of mathematics, and gave us good practice on a range of subjects such as… Read more »


Every Friday from this week onwards, Class 3 will be doing gardening as part of our curriculum. Could children please bring with them a change of clothes that they don’t mind getting mucky and a pair of old trainers/ boots that are suitable for gardening.

May Fayre

Thank you to the PTFA for a wonderful afternoon on Friday and successfully raising £500 for the school!

Writing Roleplay

This morning we role played being on a 15th century ship. We scrubbed the deck, raised the sails and stacked the cannonballs. Some of us were captains and bossed everyone around. We then did some fabulous writing using the skills we had practised this week, including punctuation and using exciting verbs. Examples to follow

Easter Homework

Next term our topic is going to be pirates. Today we came up with a list of things we would like to find out about pirates and below I have put some activities for the children to get them started with answering them. Try and have a go at at least two of these over the holdiays. Writing Write a factfile about a real or imaginary pirate. This… Read more »