Half Term Homework

I hope you are enjoying your break, Class 2. When you get back to school our topic will be The Fantastical. Below is are some activities you can do to get ready for it. Reading We will be using lots of new words to describe characters and settings in our fantasy world and will be… Read more »

ICT – Story Planning

To help us plan our stories, we used the iPads to create stop motion animations. Here are some of our first attempts. We have already started to think about how we might include the skills we have been practising in our stories, by telling each other the story from our plan or animation.

My maths and other homework.

Good morning Class 4, There are My maths tasks waiting for you with a completion date of 25/2/19. Please remember that the Topic and last weeks maths homework is due in TOMORROW, 12/2/19!

Circulatory system 

In science, we learnt about the circulatory system and smooth muscles in our blood vessels. Do not worry, it  is only red water!​ ​

Role Playing!

Yesterday, we all decided to play a game of witches in which we all were running around on broom sticks and turning each other in frogs. This was so much fun!​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ ​​ ​

Punctuation Kung Fu

Today we worked on our sentence structure and practised some Punctuation Kung Fu to remind us to use punctuation in our work. We practised the action for full stop. We practised the action for exclamation mark.

Maths Workshop

Thank you to all those who attended the maths workshop yesterday. We were very pleased with how well it went. Well done to all those who bested their children! 

4 + 1 = a whole lot of fun

On Friday, class 1 and class 4 joined together in an epic reading session. We all had so much fun getting to read with the bigger children.

Christmas Graphs

This morning we looked at graphs. We started in the hall making graphs using our bodies. Then we drew our own graphs of our favourite Christmas films. The Grinch was our favourite.

Don’t let erosion wear you down.

We have had a fantastic science lesson today looking at the concepts behind erosion. We looked at two experiments that explored how different types of erosion happen. Thank you very much to Mrs. Richards for all her help with this.