Rhino Readers Half Term

Year 1: On Your Marks, Kit and Sam We have learnt the sounds ‘ay’, ‘oy’ and ‘ie’ of Level 5. Year 2: A Rubbish Day at the Beach We have learnt the sounds ‘y’, ‘dge’, ‘ge’ and the suffix ‘es’ of Level 6.

Class 1 E book 29.9.23

Our class book this week is The Padlock and Pat a pig – code JT3756 .

Class 4 Computing

On Monday, class 4 learnt about fake news and bias online. We discussed these terms and key vocabulary. Then, we read some example news reports online to see if we could spot any bias.

Class 4’s Science Investigation

Last week, we looked at thermal conductors and insulators in science . We tested these by seeing how long it took for an ice cube to melt. It was great fun!

Parent Presentation

Good morning, Thank you to those who attended Class 4’s Parent Presentation on Friday. Attached is the presentation for those who couldn’t make it. Kind regards, Mr. Collingwood

Class 1 learning outdoors and making the most of the sunshine.

Class 1 have been spending lots of time learning in the outdoors before the summer ends and the cold and rainy Autumn season starts. This week we have used the outdoor space as part of our learning in Maths, PSHE, Art, PE and English.

Maths 13.09.23

Year 1 have been working on sorting and ordering objects, recognising and writing different numbers and applying their counting skills. EYFS have also been looking a sorting objects and learning about differences in size, shape, colour, ways they can group objects together and recognising different numbers.