Today. Class 2 had an exciting visitor who introduced us to the ‘Stardome’. This was a large inflatable dome that showed us the solar system, stars and the consolations (like Leo the lion). We had an amazing time inside with Andy and we hope he comes back very soon! Thank you to the PTFA for… Read more »

World Record Attempt

There are plenty more times tables activities and dances if you search for times table rockstars on Youtube. Mr. Este

Being safe online

Class 4 kindly shared their e safety learning with us this morning, explaining to us what they learnt with the 2 Johns The older children asked questions about how Class one use the internet or play games online, departing their knowledge based on the children.

Class One Bug Hotel

Class one have been very busy building their very own bug hotel, they found lots of different natural objects in our garden that they thought the bugs would like in there new home! if anybody has any small pallets or pieces of wood/tubes that we could use please bring them to the EYFS garden many… Read more »


Thank you Linda for leading our worship today and helping us to think about being courageous. The Easter story and the story of David and Goliath, helped us to reflect upon this Christian Value.

Chinese New Year!

Yesterday, Class 2 and 4 celebrated the year of the Tiger with a food tasting activity. Class 4 made numerous rice dishes for Class 2 to taste – it tasted and smelt delicious! Thank you for a lovely afternoon Mr Hopegood and Class 4 Mrs Archer and Class 2


This week we have been learning some uplifting songs! Please continue to enjoy these at home too.

Christmas dinner!

Today, class one and two enjoyed a fantastic feast cooked by the wonderful Maxine. The children and staff enjoyed our special dinner. We would all like to thank Maxine and staff who helped serve up the festive treat.

Class 4’s Week

We have just finished our class book, Varjak Paw by SF Said, a gripping tale of cats, Vanishings, friendships and family which everybody enjoyed and have produced some amazing artwork about it which is displayed in the classroom. I will do my best to get an equally exciting book to start next week! Mr Hopegood