4 + 1 = a whole lot of fun

On Friday, class 1 and class 4 joined together in an epic reading session. We all had so much fun getting to read with the bigger children.

Christmas Graphs

This morning we looked at graphs. We started in the hall making graphs using our bodies. Then we drew our own graphs of our favourite Christmas films. The Grinch was our favourite.

Don’t let erosion wear you down.

We have had a fantastic science lesson today looking at the concepts behind erosion. We looked at two experiments that explored how different types of erosion happen. Thank you very much to Mrs. Richards for all her help with this.

Super science!

Yesterday in class four we had science with the fabulous Mrs Richards. We had a sea creature each. Me and Alicia had a green sea urchin and we had to touch it and we searched up on the iPads what it’s Latin name is, how it reproduces, it’s diet, it’s habitat and an interesting fact… Read more »

What’s under our tables?

Today, something unusual was under our tables. The children discovered paper stuck underneath them and had fun drawing upside down! 

Story map

Class one have really enjoyed learning the story of The Gingerbread Man. This afternoon, we decided to create a story map to help us recall the order of the tale. Next week we are going to create questions about the story and the children are keen to quiz their families!

Our shop!

Class one would like to thank all that visited our shop last Friday. As you can see, we really enjoyed making our things to sell. 

Tea cups!

Toda we worked together to solve the following problem: We persevered to find and check our different solutions!

Under the sea

Today one of Miss Scotchfords friends, Katrina, came into our class to talk about her adventures under the sea when she goes scuba diving. She talked about the equipment she uses like her oxygen and nitrogen tank, her wet suit, semi dry suit and her dry suit. Then she showed us how she uses them,… Read more »