Our Robin eggs

Here is a photo of our Robin eggs. We hope the Mum comes back and lays more so we can track the progress.

The monkey with the bright, blue bottom! 05.02

English: Walt: Give a simple viewpoint. Try to use the following; I think… / I believe… / In my opinion… or create an argument I thought this but research/google/my book has said this… Statement/Question 1: Tiger’s can swim Statement/Question 2: Crocodiles are fast movers. Statement/Question 3: Are snakes good climbers? Statement/Question 4: Hippo’s can be… Read more »

The monkey with the bright, blue bottom! 01.02

Good morning all! New week, so new book and this is going to be the last week where we link it to jungle or rainforest animals. It’s called ‘The monkey with the bright, blue bottom’. PSHE: WALT – identify and respect differences and similarities between people. The animals have lots of similarities and differences, for… Read more »

Wednesday 27th Jan

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a productive week. As promised, here is another clip of Steve Backshall in Africa. What did you think of the Gorillas? Do you think you would be brave like Steve? Yesterday, you saw Steve in a kayak. I have a Science experiment for you about floating or sinking…. Read more »

Building bridges.

Today we have been designing and building bridges, I have put some of our fantastic work on here and would love to see what you have managed at home. Mr Hopegood

Jungle Boogie! 13.01

Good afternoon all. I hope you enjoyed the Zoom call today for those who could join us. Hopefully, we can do this again soon – I may aim Zoom’s at groups (Year 1 or 2) to try and make learning a little more targeted. I will let you know via parent-mail or email about this…. Read more »

Phonics games

Evening everyone. I hope you’ve had a good day of learning. Just to make learning a little easier, especially Phonics, here is a free resource you could use. We use Phonics Play all the time in class, so the children should be familiar with a few of the games already. Definitely take advantage of this… Read more »

Fantastic last day of term. 

Well done to all the children for managing to get through the last day of term. They were all so excited…and tired. We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas break and look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Class 4’s Christmas Antics!

For our last week before Christmas, Class 4 created some beautiful Christmas tree decorations and Christmas pop-up cards. They worked very hard and had lots of fun doing it! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Have an amazing Christmas break!