Easter Homework

Next term our topic is going to be pirates. Today we came up with a list of things we would like to find out about pirates and below I have put some activities for the children to get them started with answering them. Try and have a go at at least two of these over the holdiays. Writing Write a factfile about a real or imaginary pirate. This… Read more »

The enormous carrot

We finally pulled out the remaining carrot from the quad. We all shared it and we all agree that it was scrummy.


Reminder.  Boosters will still be taking place this Thursday and the first Thursday back after the Easter holidays. Thank you. 

Graphs – Traffic Survey

Before our visit to the library we did a survey of the transport we saw travelling though Tiptree. Today we used the computers to turn these into different types of graphs.

Class One in the playground

Today we went on a really fun trip to the local park. We had so much fun and played lots of fun games including hide and seek. Thank you to all of the parents who came and helped out, it was very much appreciated!

PE – Jumping on an off

On Thursday we turned our jumps into sequences. Here are some videos of our jumps. ​​​​​ ​

Homework Help 15.03.19

This week’s homework follows on from our work on fractions this week. We have started working on equivalent fractions (fractions with the same value). In class, we have used fraction walls and clear sheets to draw round and compare the size of different fractions and find which are equivalent. The homework asks that the children… Read more »

Spelling Adventures

We have been working on spellings with the -sure or -ture endings. Today we played a game that we loved based on these endings.  This is a link to the game we were playing – you should be able to play it on tablets as well as computers. https://spellingframe.co.uk/spelling-rule/14/9-Words-with-endings-sounding-like-ture

Accelerated Reader

I am asking for your help in discussing and encouraging accelerated reader tests. As part of our reading scheme, children take a comprehension test when they have read a text. These tests are designed to gauge children’s understanding of the text and also help determine the level of book they should be on. On average,… Read more »

Trip the Light Fantastic

This morning, we began exploring our new science topic; light! We examined why we could see colours in CDs and bubbles, why colours vanish at speed and how we can make a ray of light travel further. We looked at shadows and how they change. Can you spot shadows at home?