Altar cloths

Thank you Mrs Towers for our new altar cloths which you kindly made and donated to the school. We shall look forward to moving through the year and dressing the altar with the different colours in line with the church seasons.

Prayer Spaces

Today the Christian Youth Outreach team set up prayer spaces in the library. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing the activities and reflecting by saying please, sorry and thank you for different aspects of our lives. Here are some of the pictures from the day!

Jonah and the Whale

The Holy Council led collective worship following the theme of our Christian value – Courage. The team planned and led a puppet show about Jonah and the Whale. We talked about the story and reflected on how Jonah built up the courage to do as God had asked him. Well done to the Holy Council… Read more »

Church Council Assembly

Today we had a visit from Reverend Sarah after the Church Council decided that they would like to make some changes to our altar. She came in to tell us about the colours the church use to celebrate different festivals throughout the year. She showed us some of her stoles she wears for the different dates…. Read more »

Bishop visit

Today we enjoyed a visit for Bishop Roger. He led a thought provoking Easter service and we enjoyed sharing our poems,songs and prayers. Bishop Roger then blessed the new sensory garden.

The parable of the sower

Today we acted out the story from the Bible – The Parable of the sower. We thought about the meaning of the story and how we can live a good life and grow strong like the seeds in the field.

The Hare and the Tortoise

The Holy Council led the collective worship with a focus on persevering. They planned and acted out the story of the Hare and the Tortoise and discussed the moral with the school. Well done – you made us all very proud!

Epiphany service

Today we went to church and learnt about Epiphany. Thank you to the ministry team for their hard work and support. Well done to all the children for their beautiful singing, reading and leading the prayers!

Christingle Service

We shared a special Christingle service together today. A big thank you to the church team for leading the service and helping us to make the Christingles and to understand the significance of each part.

Remembrance service

Today we went to church to take part in a whole school remembrance service. Thank you to Canon Paul and the Holy Council for organising and leading the service. VWell done to the choir for singing so beautifully too.