Salt crystals

A quick update on our salt solutions. 

Accelerated readers

Today class 4 reached their 100 challenge! Between us we have successfully quizzed and scored 100% on 100 books. We are now already working towards the next hundred.

Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

Today Isobel came to talk to us in assembly about the history and importance of Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday to the Christian community.

Crystals in class!

Our salt solutions have begun to produce crystals! We have been exploring the differences in crystal formation between solutions of varying saturation. So far, we have noticed our most saturated solution has yielded more crystals!

Creative Homework

Harry Potter inspired homework has been sent home today. Please complete at least five of the tasks.

Where in the world?

This afternoon we used atlases to find the eight Wizarding Schools.

Harry Potter

Today we started our new topic. We compared the book to the film. We all noticed how much more detail was in the book and how quickly chapters were covered in the film. We will be continuing our topic in the coming weeks in both our Science and Geography learning.


Today’s Maths had us recapping our knowledge of square and cubed numbers.

The Boy who cried Wolf

In collective worship today we discussed the importance of being truthful and honest. We thought about the consequences of our actions to ourselves and others.