Music and Dance!

Here are some suggestions of GoNoodle videos for you to try each day. You could do them in the morning to get ready for the day or to give you some energy and focus your brain throughout the day. You can try as many videos as you like (KS1 and KS2 suggestions) and some of… Read more »

The hard work continues…

Lots of hard work has gone on here! You have all produced such lovely pieces and in such interesting attire! Keep it up guys! 👍 Miss Jenkins

The hard work continues…

Well done to everyone! Keep looking at the blogs as i’m having lots of photos, so uploads happening all day! Have a great day!

April Fools Day.

Remember that April Fools jokes are only until midday, if you trick someone after that then you are the fool! In the Horrid Henry books there are lots of pranks being played, read one of the books and keep a note of how many horrid tricks are played. If you don’t like those books try… Read more »

All of your hard work!

All of our teaching team here would like to say a massive well done for everyones hard work so far! We have received lots of photos from you guys and your learning looks so much fun! Keep it up and we can’t wait to see more! Teachers 🙂

Creativity with ink activity

Hi guys, sorry for not posting for a couple days, we were having maintenance on the blog but I’m glad to see it’s back now. Today’s creative activity involves ball point pens. An art supply I’m sure most of you have thousands of, these can produce some amazing and quick bits of art work. The… Read more »


Don’t forget to look up any words that you havn’t come across before.