Zoom meeting 10.30 Friday 24/4/20

Good morning Class 4 Parents and Children, Just a few notes before the Zoom meeting this morning. Firstly, a reminder to please ensure that children are supervised during the meeting. This doesn’t mean you have to be on camera during the meeting, just that you are close by to keep an eye on what’s happening…. Read more »

St George’s day!

Happy Saint George’s day to everyone! Saint George was chosen to be the patron saint of England by King Edward ||| for his remarkable bravery in a time where there was so much suffering. Let’s all take on St George’s bravery today and do something remarkable, whether that’s continuing with your remarkable learning, doing something… Read more »

Jar of joy!

The jar of joy will hold all of your ‘after lockdown’ dreams! Your ‘jar of joy’ needs to be a decorated a jar (decorate it however you want to) and it is filled with notes about all the things you are looking forward to once the lock down is over. You must keep filling the… Read more »

Thursday 23rd April – Class 4

Happy Thursday guys! I hope you are all keeping safe at home. Here is the next clue in our murder mystery and a maths game I hope you will enjoy playing. You can select different times tables and alter the difficulty level so it can be played by other members of your family too –… Read more »

Zoom in on Class 4.

This Friday, the 24th April, at 10.30 I will be holding a Zoom meeting for Class 4 so that we can see each other, I’ve now got a beard, and show some of our work. I have scheduled a meeting on Zoom. To keep the meeting safe and secure, a link to join the meeting… Read more »

Summer learning had me a blast…

Good morning! Bit of inspiration there from one of my favourite films… I can see people have had a very busy start to the week and the learning looks amazing… And very tasty! Keep refreshing this page so you don’t miss the updates throughout the day!

Earth Day.

Today is the 50th Earth Day which started in 1970 in the USA. Usually it is marked by activities such as tree planting, road-side litter collecting etc but this year we’ve got to think of ideas for the home. https://www.nasa.gov/content/earth-day-2020-50th-anniversary-toolkit NASA ( North American Space Agency ) has lots of information and ideas which can… Read more »

Everyday perks for learning.

Thought I’d share something with you that I came across. Considering we get to spend a lot (if not all) of our time at home at the moment, why not take advantage of those activities we do as ‘normal, everyday’ and actually think of them as learning. These activities link to so many curriculum areas… Read more »

Keep checking…

We’ve had lots of great photos in today with regards to the Queens birthday and all the amazing learning that’s going on. Keep refreshing the blog and checking those posts – they’re constantly being edited and updated! Don’t want you to miss anything 🙂 Stay safe! Miss Jenkins