VE day celebrations!

Happy VE day or Victory in Europe Day! This is a special day and marks the end of World War Two when fighting against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe. Join in with celebrations on this special day and to commemorate those who showed great resilience and bravery throughout that difficult time. Activity… Read more »

Singing Assembly

Have a sing along to ‘Everywhere Around Me!’ which can be found under Sunday of week two. The activities for this song relate to nature and will be ideal for the warmer weather where you may be able to go for a walk. Please note that my favourite – ‘Spring Chicken’ is Friday’s song for… Read more »

Thursday 7th May – Class 4

It’s Thursday again! I’m looking forward to our Zoom meeting this morning where I’m sure I’ll be dazzled by your marvellous skills and talents. Here is your learning for the rest of the day (I’ve included a ‘telling the time’ game as requested in our last Zoom meeting): Miss Scotchford 🙂 Death at the SPaG… Read more »

Today’s fantastic learning!

I am so happy with the floods of photos coming in from everyone about their exciting learning! Also, very happy with the creative ways of completing the bar graphs that was set and pleased to see people taking those learning opportunities to make learning even more fun!

Children’s games in World War II

In the 1941’s there were no plastics or electronics, toys were made of wood or metal or textiles and if you were lucky enough they had a clockwork mechanism! Lots of games that we play now had been invented by then, card games and chess are hundreds of years old, such as Scrabble and Monopoly,… Read more »

Lots of new learning!

Everyone has been super busy today and clearly has had a lot of fun! I am super impressed with the 3D Bee artwork you’ve produced from the step by step tutorials- keep them coming!

Keep Essex Active

Good morning everyone, I hope everyone is doing well today. I just thought I’d draw your attention towards a few resources I’ve been sent around keeping active. Active Essex is an organisation that works with schools to help advise with PE. These links are full of ideas and resources that can be used at home…. Read more »