Hard Graph’t’

Class 3 have been working very hard on interpreting data from line graphs. They have been using data about pulse rates to write a story about a character’s day. We linked this to our work on the novel Wonder. The class are working hard on the presentation and quality of their writing and it is… Read more »

Jewish Presentations

Today we worked in groups to think about how we could welcome a Jewish child into our school community. We talked about displaying the Star of David, Torah and Yan and encouraged them to wear their Kippah so that they could pray and worship in school when they wanted to. We talked about training the… Read more »

We’re ‘avin a graph!

Class 3 have been working on plotting and interpreting line graphs. We will be applying this to our learning in science where it will help us make predictions following results we have collected. A group did this fantastic work on plotting a line graph concerning temperature.

Class performance

Today we showcased our learning in our class performance to the school. We were proud of all our achievements and would like to thank Mr Lund for teaching us to read music and play the recorders!

For good measure…

 The children in class 3 have been converting measures to map out areas of the school. It has been important to work with other groups to get the job done!

Nearly bedtime!

After a fun night of activities and sitting round the camp fire, children from class 3 settled down to watch a film before bed! Thank you to all the staff, teachers and parents for their support tonight. Good fun had by all!