Year 5 Road Safety Walk

Today the Year 5’s had a road safety lesson where they learnt how to keep themselves safe when crossing the road. The children were very sensible answering questions and thinking about different scenarios.

Prayer Spaces

Today the Christian Youth Outreach team set up prayer spaces in the library. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing the activities and reflecting by saying please, sorry and thank you for different aspects of our lives. Here are some of the pictures from the day!

Royal celebrations

We thoroughly enjoyed our royal picnic to celebrate the wedding. Thank you Maxine for organising this event.

Church Council Assembly

Today we had a visit from Reverend Sarah after the Church Council decided that they would like to make some changes to our altar. She came in to tell us about the colours the church use to celebrate different festivals throughout the year. She showed us some of her stoles she wears for the different dates…. Read more »

May(pole) the 4th be with you!

Today we have had the pleasure of participating in a Maypole dancing workshop. All children joined in well, and most enjoyed it far more than they’ll let on!​ ​

Imam visit

Today we had a visit from Habib who is an Imam. He talked to us another the Islamic faith. We learnt that the word Islam means peace. During our discussions, we learnt about the prophets and the relationship between Christianity and Islam. Thank you Habib for visiting us and teaching us.


After making them last week from clay, we set about painting our flags. We  were very pleased with the results.