The Great Roman Bake Off

This week was cake week on the Great Roman Bake Off. In our technical challenge, we were making authentic Roman honey cake using a recipe found by archaeologists. I’m not sure who will be the first to leave the 10BC Bake Off tent, but I’m certainly sure everyone tried their hardest. Now we just have… Read more »

Number jumps

Today in maths, we looked at number jumps going up in twos, fives and tens. We played a game in which, in pairs, we started in the centre of the number line and rolled a dice. The number we rolled equals the number of jumps you do and whoever makes it to the end of… Read more »

Supporting charities

Today we had a visitor in assembly from Little Havens who spoke to us about the work that they do to support children and their families. The Rota Kids are busy planning the charities that they will support this year. Information has been sent home with the children if you would like to support this… Read more »

Sleep diaries

Just as a reminder, can we make sure that we are bringing in our completed sleep diaries as they will need to be stuck in to our books asap. If you have lost your original, please feel free to come and get a new one. Many thanks!

Big Write

Last Friday we enjoyed taking part in the big write. We took inspiration from fragments of stories scattered around the building before having a go at independent writing. 

Tommy WWI

Today John came to talk to us and introduce TommyWWI. This year we are marking 100 years since the end of World War I. As part of our learning about our responsibility  within the community to remember the soldiers, we will be making poppies to decorate the maypole with.

Practical maths

Today we used the Numicon and Deans to help us to think about place value and bridging. We thought about the value of each digit e.g. in 369 the 6 is 6 tens which is 60. We challenged ourselves with numbers into the thousands and some of us tackled decimal numbers too!

Creating mosaics 

This afternoon, in class3, we created MOSAICS. We did this by cutting lots of squares of paper and stuck them onto a grid. Before this we planned out our designs by colouring in a smaller grid in the desired design.

Class 3 aqua combat

Today class 3 got soaking wet whilst taking part in AQUA COMBAT!

Terrific Jumpers

Today year 6 received an amazing present: jumpers!