Science – Light

Today we performed an experiment looking at light. We made spectroscopes help us see what light is made up from. We then looked at how light is made up of different colours that combine to a ‘white’ light that we notice around us. Finally we wrote a recount of what we did and reported on… Read more »


Today we continued sharing. We used chocolate to focus our minds 🙂 . In the problem we had chocolate laid out on each table. On one there were 12 pieces, another 6 and the last 3. We could choose to stand by a table and share out the chocolate on that table. The first time… Read more »

Fact Files – extra detail

Today we added extra detail to our writing. We wrote fact files about ourselves using adjectives, connectives and prepositions. Here are some of fact files in progress. Finally we looked at each other’s work and reflected on what we liked: I liked the word choices. – Caitlyn It was funny to read. – Ruby I… Read more »

Class assembly

Today we enjoyed sharing our learning with the school and parents during our class assembly. We worked together to plan and explain what we had improved at already this term.


Today we started sharing. We used biscuits and plates to think about the answer. Some of us started to think about decimals and remainders. Finally we ate some for snack.

Remembrance service

Today we went to church to take part in a whole school remembrance service. Thank you to Canon Paul and the Holy Council for organising and leading the service. VWell done to the choir for singing so beautifully too.

Grandparents lunch

Thank you for joining us today for lunch and play. We thoroughly enjoyed eating and playing with you!

Owl Pellets!

To go with our story The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark, we had the chance to study some real owl pellets. We found out that the owl pellets are what the owl makes from the bits of its food that it can’t digest. Then we pulled them apart to see what they had… Read more »

Science – Nocturnal Animals

In our science we have been thinking about how the eye works. We conducted experiments to find out how our eyes work. Today we studied how other animals see in the dark. We studied four animals, owls, rabbits, moles and cats. We used goggles to represent what each animal can see.

Bishops Visit

Yesterday we were excited to welcome bishop Stephen to school. He arrived on a tractor! In our assembly he explained what his job was and how we could spot a bishop (purple socks). He explained what the different symbols meant on his clothes and how the symbol of the cross reminds of the answer to… Read more »