Start times

Please make sure you are entering the school premises at the designated time. The designated times for each class are for the safety of the children in different parts of the school (their bubbles) as well as our staff members. Also, please be mindful, Pre-school are using our entrances in the morning so other families… Read more »

Wednesday’s learning

Hopefully your week has gone well so far, waiting for lots of lovely learning photos to come in – don’t be shy! 🙂 Maths: Symmetry – Looking at the United Kingdoms flags, see which ones are symmetrical. Remember, symmetrical means they are exactly the same on both sides. English: Write a post card. Write a… Read more »

Summer learning – first week back!

Well, what a first week back! We’ve had a great time in school so far regardless of the changes and we can see you have had just as much fun learning at home too. Great to see the fantastic learning still going on.

Tuesday’s learning

Hope everyone had a fun day of learning today and enjoyed the sunshine! With our new topic which is looking at ‘Our Country‘, i would like you to carry out some map work! We’ve previously done some map work but it’ll be good to refresh your memories. Geography: Looking and completing a map of the… Read more »

Welcome back!

Hope everyone had a lovely and safe half term! There was plenty of sunshine for us. Our final Summer term will be on ‘Our country’. We will spend the term looking at everything British, past, present and maybe even the future… Topic words & Spellings: Year 1s – Please focus on the country names first,… Read more »

Half Term Time Capsule Project

Hi Everybody, I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to half term. As one of your half term activities, we would like you to make and send in something that represents a really nice memory you have of your time at home during this lockdown. You can choose to do this in any… Read more »

Friday’s learning

Dictionary hunt – habitat, diet, interact, feature, beast, vertebrate, invertebrate, transform. Literacy: using the key words above, try to put them into a sentence about a minibeast! For example; A furry caterpillar transforms into a colourful, beautiful butterfly. Science: Mini beasts: There are lots of mini beasts in the story so use this to look at… Read more »

Singing Assembly

The format seems to have changed so that songs are no longer grouped by week. If you click on ‘Sing in every subject’ and scroll down, you will find ‘Music Italiano’ (featured in week 4). This song is a lot of fun as you can use your voice in different ways to follow the Italian… Read more »