Jack and the beanstalk

Today we read through the fairytale story of Jack and the beanstalk. Whilst Miss Mansell read out the story, we also acted out some of the crucial parts of the story. We had lots of fun doing this!

Parachute fun

Today we played games using the parachute! We had fun working together as a team.

Lego morning!

Today, the whole school worked together to make a giant Lego town. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves learning together and making another lovely memory.

Acting and story telling

Today we did more story telling and acting out our stories. The first of our stories was the story of an evil dragon who is scaring some village people, however gets slain by a brave knight. Our second story was about an evil witch who was turning people to stone, however is defeated by the… Read more »

Jesus feeds thousands

Today we read the story of Jesus feeding thousands with only 5 loaves and 2 fish! What a miracle! We then drew pictures, made models and wrote about the story. Here is some of our finished pieces!

Investigating materials 

Today we had lots of exciting fun with investing materials in science. We described lots of different types of materials such as plastics, metals and fabrics.

Come ran or shine, we do our Golden Mile

Class one have really been enjoying doing our golden mile, which is when we do multiple laps of the playground either running, jogging or walking. We love it so much that we even did it in the rain today!

Writing stories and performing 

Yesterday we created lots of wonderful stories of all different varieties and then performed them on our makeshift stage. We all had lots of fun really thinking about What the characters would be like and their feelings and how they might react to what the story is saying. We also delved into the world of… Read more »

Mad Science Assembly

Today we had a visit from Helen from the Mad Science team. We had lots of fun learning about air pressure and forces. Helen will be running a club at our school – details to follow!


We have been learning about instructions. We read some instructions to identify the important words and features of instructions. We then played a game to build models in pairs. We had to use instruction words to make the models the same!