Wednesday explorers!

Good Morning!Yesterday we looked at the map of the United Kingdom and researched our region of East Anglia.Today we are going to be looking at compasses. What do you think compasses are used for? What do they tell you? Have a think quickly, the answer is coming up! A compasses lets us know what direction… Read more »

Hello Tuesday!

Hello, it’s another glorious day and I hope you are ready to learn.This week we are going to be focusing on our region of the country, East Anglia. Can you find it on the map? Research which counties make up East Anglia (There are 6 to find). Which county do we live in? I would… Read more »

Monday Funday

Hello, I hope you all had a fun weekend enjoying the sunshine. We will begin our week with some yoga to awaken our brain and body ready for learning. Today, I would like you to try paper weaving. It is a fun and easy art activity that can be turned into many creations. Once you… Read more »

Super Science investigators and the great bake off!

We have had so much fun in Class One today. Miss Barber and the children made cupcakes to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. They were very yummy. The children then wanted to look at floating and sinking with objects from the classroom. This evolved by accident into looking at magnification. The children put objects in a… Read more »

A special birthday!

Hello Class One. There is a very special birthday this weekend (13th June), it is Queen Elizabeth II’s special day. How old will she be? How old was she 10 years ago (10 less) and how old will she be in 10 years from now? (10 more). Watch some of this video. It tells you… Read more »

More learning…

Wow! Look at these great pieces from you all! Love to see you are all still hardworking and putting in 100%!

Flags out for Thursday

Morning all, we are going to be moving onto the flags of the United Kingdom and the Royal Family. There are many different types of flag for our countries within the British Isles, I would like you to find them and name them. What is the difference between the Union flag and the Union Jack?… Read more »

Singing Assembly

This week, have a go at ‘Each And Every Day’ which can be found in the ‘Wow and Wonder’ section. It is the last song in that section and was featured in week 8. This particular song has a little surprise just before the 3rd verse. For those of you who complete the activities that… Read more »

Reception phonics

Hello! please find below the phonics activities for Thursday. can you unscramble these sentences? look at the pictures and find the sounds needed to spell the word. Using the grid, can you make words using three of the sounds in a row. These can be in any direction. remember to keep reading your books from… Read more »

A ‘tweet’ from D’Arcy

Whilst cutting nettles and clearing out our lovely forest school area this morning, Mr. Este was lucky enough to come across a blue-tit nest containing babies. We’ve had to make sure we are very careful not to disturb it while we are out there. This was such a wonderful discovery we thought we needed to… Read more »