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Today class one and class two combined forces in which, class two read their fantastic work to members of class one. It was fantastic!

Tea Party

Today class one have been busy baking for the Tea Party tomorrow! They are very excited to share their creations with their adults. 

Observational drawings

Today in class one, we looked closely at Lucy and Ginger and completed a line drawing of them. We really enjoyed watching em as we completed our art. 

A visit from Lucy and Ginger

Lucy and Ginger the Guinea pigs visited class one today. We were very excited to see how much they had grown since we last saw them a year ago.  Thank you to Mille and Millie’s Mummy for bringing them in. 

Growing and changing

Today we thought about growing and changing in Collective Worship. We celebrated our achievements and shared ways to overcome challenges. We prayed together to thank God for our talents. We reflected on the story from the Bible where Jesus said “Let the Children come to me” (Matthew 19:14) and how this links to our daily… Read more »

iSingPop concerts

Congratulations to all the children who put on two amazing concerts on Friday at St. Luke’s Church, Tiptree. Thank you to all the staff at both schools and the church team for their hard work and commitment to this collaborative project. Thank you to D’Arcy and St. Luke’s Church for their generous donations towards this… Read more »

Invitation to all grown ups

Class One cordially invite all grown ups to our Summer Tea Party. It will be held in Class One Friday 19th July at 2pm.  Further details to follow regarding the menu. RSVP  (Please let one of the team know if you are able to come and if you have any dietary requirements.)

ISingPop rehearsals

Today in class one, we have been practicing some of the songs for ISingPop tomorrow, we have been practicing really hard and we are going to be fantastic tomorrow!​​​ ​​ ​​​ ​​​​

Secret project

Today in class one, we created some beautiful posters for secret project that is coming up very soon!

Money must be funny, in a rich mans world!

Today in class one, we have been learning all about different types of money and role playing being shopkeepers. It has been really fun getting to see all of the different types of coins and their values, also pretending to buy some of our toys in class.