Dancing in DARCY

Today class 1 took part in the thrilling activity which was maypole dancing! The children really enjoyed taking part in this and listening to the amazing folk music.​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​

Church Council Assembly

Today we had a visit from Reverend Sarah after the Church Council decided that they would like to make some changes to our altar. She came in to tell us about the colours the church use to celebrate different festivals throughout the year. She showed us some of her stoles she wears for the different dates…. Read more »

Forensic Science Day

Today Dan came to teach us about Forensic Science and how it helps to solve crimes. After discussing DNA and our individual make-up, we used clues to solve a crime! Thank you Mrs Clarke for organising the exciting and educational workshop!

Art Club

This week some budding young artists attended Art Club in school.  children really enjoyed their first session  and produced some lovely pieces.  The club is currently full but we can run another course in the Autumn term if there is enough interest.

Class 1 going BAAnanas

Yesterday Mrs Handford brought in a very special and exciting guest…….. A 10 day old lamb called Fred. The children were thrilled to meet Fred and Fred loved meeting them. The children were really enthusiastic and were asking Mrs Handford lots of questions about Fred whilst Fred was kind enough to let the children (and… Read more »

Bicycle BANAZA!

Last Wednesday Mr Fox took all of the children (a group at a time) on our large rideables including tricycles, and scooters.  the children really enjoyed getting some vitamin D outside and doing races!

Sports champion

Today we had a visit from Ezekiel Ewulo who is a long jump champion. We had fun exercising and racing with him at lunchtime. At the end of the day, we enjoyed learning about his training and even watched a video of one of his amazing jumps!Thank you for supporting our sponsored sports event.

Little red hen story telling

Today Miss Mansell told us all the story of the little red hen. He all enjoyed participating in the actions and becoming the characters such as: the bull, the cat and the mouse.

Year 1 phonics meeting

On Wednesday 18th April at 3.30 pm, there will be a short meeting for Year 1 parents to discuss the Phonics Screening test that pupils are required to complete in the summer term. If you are unable to attend, please arrange an alternative time to discuss this with Miss Mansell or Mrs Eastbrook. Thank you

Bishop visit

Today we enjoyed a visit for Bishop Roger. He led a thought provoking Easter service and we enjoyed sharing our poems,songs and prayers. Bishop Roger then blessed the new sensory garden.