Shared reading

Yesterday class 1 and class 3 joined forces to do some shared reading together.

Trinity service

Today the whole school went to church to learn about Trinity. Each class planned a presentation to help us to think about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Class 1 spoke about different ways that God helps us through a poem, Class 2 presented a short play about John the… Read more »

Class 3 coming to visit 

Class 3 Came to class 1 today and showed us the amazing work they have completed. We had lots of fun getting a sneak peek into their class work .

Prayer spaces

Today we had the opportunity to see what the prayer spaces looked like and what activities were in then.  We had lots of Fun participating the all the activities.

Royal celebrations

We thoroughly enjoyed our royal picnic to celebrate the wedding. Thank you Maxine for organising this event.

Jonah and the whale

Today, Class one learnt about the story of Jonah and the whale. Afterwards, we made our own Jonah and the Whale paper puppets. These all looked supercool!!

Mapping out our lessons

On Wednesday, class one took part into an activity in which the children, using maps, coloured in and glued on some of the crops from Mrs Handford’s farm. We really enjoyed doing thousand being creative with the strange materials.


As many of you may know, class one have had some guests in class over the past couple of months: tadpoles. However all of our tadpoles are beginning to turn into froglets and many of them are fully formed frogs. We are very happy to witness the great transformation of the frog.

Class 1 discovering corn

Today all of the children discovered and investigated lots of different types and versions of corn. We really enjoyed getting up close with the corn and describing what they were all like. Mrs Handford was really helpful in teaching us all about the different types of Corn.

Chasing our shadows

Today in class 1, we having been learning about shadows in relevance to our featured artist: Gordon Bruce. First we identified what shadows actually are and the basic physics of shadows.