Parachute fun

Today in PE, Class One participated in parachute games. The children had to “popcorn” beanbags from the parachute and work together to move a ball from one colour to another. We then played a game of cat and mouse. The children really enjoyed this game. 

Sea creatures

The children were excited to discover that Mrs Richards had brought in some sea creatures for us to see.  The children looked carefully at the crab, sea urchin and starfish.  We used some lovely descriptive language when talking about them. 

Gingerbread Man

We have been learning the story of The Gingerbread Man. We wrote some questions for our families about the story! Who made the Gingerbread Man? Why did he run out of the oven? How did he run away from the animals? Why did the fox help him and eat him?

Piano performance

This morning some children played some carols on the piano in Collective Worship. Thank you to Mrs Baulch for all her hard work teaching the children this term. Well done to all the children, you played beautifully!

Countdown to the Nativity

Over the last few weeks Class 1 and Class 2 have been practising the songs to our nativity (Whoops-A-Daisy Angel). Class 2 have also been practising the different parts and starting to go through their lines. Next week we will be sending home a note about what we would like the children to wear for… Read more »

What’s under our tables?

Today, something unusual was under our tables. The children discovered paper stuck underneath them and had fun drawing upside down! 

Story map

Class one have really enjoyed learning the story of The Gingerbread Man. This afternoon, we decided to create a story map to help us recall the order of the tale. Next week we are going to create questions about the story and the children are keen to quiz their families!

Reading buddies

Today, Class 4 shared stories with Class 1. The children really enjoyed this experience and we would like to do this activity again soon. 

Outside play

Today we did some outside play with Mr Fox. It was really fun.


Today in class one, we looked at some adding altogether.