Fantastic week back in Class 4

What a week! It has been a great first week back from all the children. They have all been brilliant role models and have upheld their responsibilities. Well done!


In Maths this week we have been learning how to convert fractions into decimals. It has been difficult but the children have shown great resilience towards their learning and are ever so close to mastering this tricky skill, keep it up!

How do Christians today remember the events of Holy week starting with Palm Sunday? (RE)

During RE, the children have been learning the story of Holy Week. After some creative class discussion about each day of Holy Week and why Holy Week is important in Christianity, the pupils created some stunning Story Wheels about Holy Week.

How can I create and perform dances focusing on flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance? (PE)

We have some creative and beautiful performers in Class 4! In Fridays PE lesson, the pupils created different movements for different natural disasters focusing on control and creativity.