Class 4 learning for the week ahead.

We have had a fantastic first couple of days with all of the children arriving in school happy and ready to learn. I have been so proud to be their teacher!

Our maths focus for this week will continue to be recapping and getting our addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and place value muscles working. Any practice at home whether it’s in games, helping with shopping or any other activity that involves counting and sorting is to be encouraged.

In literacy we are concentrating of sentence types and becoming used to writing again after our extra long break. Please remember that all children should be reading at home for at least 20 minutes a day and hearing them read is very helpful as well as fun.

Our Topic for the half term is Food and the Environment, the creative homework tasks will be set on Monday 7-9-20 and will be available her for you to download.

Keep safe and have fun.

Mr Hopegood