Thursday 2nd July – Class 4

Happy Thursday! I hope you are all well and finding things to do in this not so lovely weather. Don’t forget to look at the ‘Singing Assembly’ blog too. Miss Scotchford 🙂

Commas are mainly used in lists, to separate clauses and to mark off parts of a sentence.


Contractions are shortened words. The word that is formed by shortening words is known as a contraction. An apostrophe is used to replace the missing letter or letters. Some common examples include: I’m, shouldn’t, don’t etc.

Quick Maths Challenge:

ICT Link to an online activity: Fraction Beach

Build a sandcastle at the beach by using your knowledge of fractions. You need to know that a numerator is the top number in a common fraction and the denominator is the bottom number (see the diagram below). Once you understand that, you will get a bucket of sand for each correct answer. How many of you will manage to build your castle?

Guide To Fractions in 10 Simple Facts - Math Hacks - Medium