Thursday 18th June – Class 4

Happy Thursday! I hope you are all staying safe and enjoy the suggested learning below for today. Don’t forget to take a look at the ‘Singing Assembly’ blog too. Miss Scotchford 🙂

The Great British Spag off – Who killed the chef? If you have lost the suspects list, here it is again:

As you will remember, the English task is to identify the murderer at ‘The Great British Spag-Off’ by using your grammar and punctuation skills.  Each week, as well as the weekly clue to solve, I will give you an explanation of what you need to do.

Clue 4 answer:

Hopefully, you are managing to reduce your number of suspects each week as you get nearer to identifying the murderer. Let’s start by checking that you solved last week’s clue correctly. It should have read: ‘At the school m attended there were no boys’.  Think what this clue tells you about the murderer and eliminate all the remaining suspects who do not fit this criteria.

Now on to today’s clue which is the final one and should reveal the murderer!

Clue 5 – What’s the word?

1./ Your first task today is to read through the text and identify (one at a time) which word class each word in red italics belongs to.

2./ You then need to identify the first vowel (a.e.i.o.u) in that red italic word.

3./ Next, go to the word grid underneath the text and using your coordinate skills to find the clue word.

Tip: Remember that to read coordinates, you need to go along the corridor and (in this case) down the stairs.

4./ The clue words will spell out the final clue in order. I will use the first red italic word in the clue 5 passage for an example:

Good luck everyone, with solving today’s final clue. You should now be able to identify the murderer and your Chief Inspector is very impressed by your resilience and resourcefulness! (I shall reveal the answers to the final clues and identify the murderers in a separate blog).

Quick Maths Challenge:

ICT Link to an online activity:  Creature Capture (maths: Fractions)

Creature Capture is a strategy game that teaches relationships between whole and fractional numbers. Is is a really good game (turn on the sound). The animation is clever but a little slow. However, it shows fractions clearly and the levels get harder and harder. You can play with friends as well.