Thursday 11th June – Class 4

Happy Thursday! I hope you are all well and keeping safe. Have fun with the below learning for today and remember to take a look at the ‘Singing Assembly’ blog too. Miss Scotchford 🙂

The Great British Spag off – Who killed the chef? If you have lost the suspects list, here it is again:

As you will remember, the English task is to identify the murderer at ‘The Great British Spag-Off’ by using your grammar and punctuation skills.  Each week, as well as the weekly clue to solve, I will give you an explanation of what you need to do.

Clue 3 answer:

‘M puts lots of basil in the food’ this clue should have allowed you to eliminate all those suspects whose main herb is not basil.

Clue 4 – I have a preposition for you.

Your first task is to identify the preposition in each sentence. The numbers after the full stops tell you which letters of each preposition will be needed to spell out the clue so for example. (1, 1, 1) tells us that that were 3 prepositions in the sentence before the full stop and you need the first letter of each one.

Tip: We usually think of prepositions as telling us where something is in relation to something else but they can sometimes be a little less obvious. I have included this chart to help you to spot them.   There are more of them than you may realise!

Quick Maths Challenge:

ICT Link to an online activity: Fish Bowl

Use your subtraction skills to play this bowling game. You may use a pencil and paper to help you solve the problems.

Check out my score! Who can match it?